About Us

Marvel Shutters and Cabinets is the Australian outlet of a large international manufacturing organisation. Originally specialising in high end furniture produced by a team of artisans, our operation has expanded over the years into an extensive range of quality Kitchens, Custom Cabinetry and Plantation Shutters.

We Are Not Just Another Wholesaler

As a natural evolution to supplying outstanding quality products, Marvel Shutters and Cabinets has developed a team of highly experienced and skilled operators, all with a long and proven history of successful installations in their respective fields. Coupled with this is the sense of ownership and commitment to you our clients, that all our installers take. When we are offering a service on your behalf our objective is to not only satisfy the task at hand, also to promote and enhance your reputation in the marketplace.


Delivering outstanding quality product and installations is not something simply discussed in the boardroom, it is a belief system that runs through every member of our team from senior management into the field, conception to final completion.
At Marvel Shutters and Cabinets, we control all aspects of our manufacturing process, with real time interface on all aspects of production. When we accept your orders, the accountability is collective across the whole team.

Our Mission Statement

To deliver Outstanding Products and Services across all areas of our business, through a shared commitment to listen to, acknowledge and respect the desires and aspirations of the people who make our work possible; You.

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